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| October 23, 2012

Although they themselves weren’t here, their films spoke volumes to the crowds at GIFF this year. The absent GIFF Award winning filmmakers sent us their statements of appreciation upon the acknowledgement of receiving their 2012 GIFF Crystal Awards:


“I would like to thank to the film committee of Guam International Film Festival. It is a great honor to receive this award. I also would like to mention all my friends and family who have given me constant support. The film represents my attitude about life. It always not easy to overcome the obstacles or challenges by oneself. I am very lucky to get these past doors opened by a lot of help of my family and my friends.

Thank you and I wish all the best for GIFF.”

Yoshino Aoki
Best Animation Award Winner
Director/Animator, “DOOR


“To the Guam International Film Festival! Thank you so much for this honor. We are very touched by your recognition. We are particularly honored to have won in Guam – not just because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth – but also because we are glad that our film about injustice has resonated with your audience in Guam. We are grateful, that as a very small island that has had more than its share of injustice in history, your festival is sensitive to the important and often universal issues that our film addresses. We hope that its story about injustice in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution will not only remind audiences that the Arab Spring is far from complete – but serve as a testament to wherever human rights are not respected.

Thank you so much for this honor, and we are sorry we were not able to be with you, to watch films, and then to move to your beaches and to see your sunsets that we think are certainly the most beautiful in the world!

Thanks again!”
Petr Lom
Grand Jury Award Winner – Best Documentary Feature


“Hi, this is Kentaro Hagiwara, the director of Super Star. I’m very honored to have such a wonderful award. I would like to thank to all the crews, actors, members of Short Shorts Film Festival, and my mother who is the model of the main character, Toshiko.

Nowadays, Korean idols are very popular in Japan especially for middle-aged women. Most of the time, young people look at them so coldly because they sometimes overdo the groupie aspect that makes young people feel disgusted. However, I oppose the tendency. The Korean idols treat their fans like royalty. At fan events, they look fans straight in the eyes, smile, say “I love you” in Japanese, shake hands, and even hug. All the treats remind the women of their youth.

This means that most of all Japanese men do not treat their wives like ladies. Therefore, what I tried to achieve through the film is focusing on the girl’s feeling as a middle-aged groupie and portraying the character from different aspects. If I have a chance to apply to GIFF for my future project, I will go to Guam for sure. Once again, I extend my appreciation to all the members of GIFF.

Thank you.”
Kentaro Hagiwara
Grand Jury Award Winner – Best Narrative Short
Director, “SUPERSTAR

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