Admission: $5.00 USD
Date: Saturday, October 1, 2011
Time: 1:05pm
Venue: STADIUM 5, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres


Narrative Short | USA | 18 min. | PACIFIC ASIA PREMIERE
Featuring Chamorro lead actor Ken Quitugua, BOOKIE tells the story of a man who learns he can’t live his life on the sidelines forever. In 1963, on the night of a wildly anticipated boxing fight, crowds pack into a seedy nightclub for alcohol, wild music, and a chance at easy money. Word is out that the champ’s got this one in the bag and Bookie kamagra in the usa takes down bets from all corners. Amidst it all, Bookie can’t help but notice the beautiful waitress Billie fall roughly on the outs with Jackson, her lover and Bookie’s all-controlling boss. Bookie attempts to help matters, but the odds prove far more difficult. (GIFF Guide: contains adult material)

Director/Producer: Bao Tran
Producer: Nick Risinger
Cast: Ken Quitugua, Angela Adto, Aaron Toney, Brittany Quist, JT Jackson, Lester Purry, Sam Looc

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