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GIFF 2012 Feature Narrative Films
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MGA DAYO (RESIDENT ALIENS) | Guam, Philippines | U.S. Premiere | 7:00pm
Alex, a local newspaper photographer, gets into a “green card marriage” with her good… CLICK FOR MORE INFO





GUAM | USA | U.S. Premiere | 12:00pm
A charged domestic disturbance and a crumbling marriage divide two families, sending them out of the house and into the… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



SHOUTING SECRETS | USA, Switzerland | Pacific Asia Premiere | TBD
Chaske Spencer (Twilight Saga) stars in this endearing story of a family in crisis… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



AINIKIEN JIDJID ILO BOÑ (THE SOUND OF CRICKETS AT NIGHT) | Marshall Islands | Pacific Asia Premiere | 5:40pm
An elderly nuclear survivor from Bikini Atoll in the Pacific summons a mysterious… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



BOUNDARY | Philippines | Guam Premiere | 7:30pm
Inspired by true stories of taxicab drivers of metropolitan Manila, BOUNDARY is set in the urban roadways of Manila during Christmas. CLICK FOR MORE INFO





REDLEGS | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere | 2:00pm
An independent gem, REDLEGS is set amongst grieving twenty-somethings who spend two revelatory days together after the funeral for an… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



MANILA KINGPIN: THE ASIONG SALONGA STORY | Philippines | U.S. Premiere | 3:35pm
This multi award-winning epic narrative is based on a true story about the life of… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



JESUS HOSPITAL | Korea | Pacific Asia Premiere | 3:55pm
One of the best reviewed and most popular award-winning Korean films of the year… CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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