GIFF Master Class w/ Tom Brislin Ph.D.

Sunday morning, the Academy for Creative Media chair (from the University of Hawai’i), Professor Tom Brislin was greeted by a full house for the free master class entitled, “Creating an Industry”.

During the two-hour long class, he engaged the audience in an open forum and called upon examples in his lectures revolving around the importance of local media with shorts films such as, “Traditional Fishing: Chamoru Chenchulu Fishing“, “Ka Pua (The Flower“), “Mata” and “Flat“.

Also in attendance was producer Judith Amesbury, Ph.D., of “Traditional Fishing: Chamoru Chenchulu Fishing”, a 30 minute, PBS documentary that gives viewers a glimpse into the post-war twentieth century traditional fishing practices of Guam.

GIFF 2012 was Professor Brislin’s return trip to the Guam International Film Festival and also serves as a member of the Grand Jury.

More information about Tom Brislin and the GIFF Master Class “Creating an Industry“.

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