International Shorts Program A

Admission: $7.50 USD
Venue: STADIUM TBD, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres | Program Length: 90 min.
GIFF Guide: contains adult material

SATURDAY, SEP.29 | 10:00am

WISH | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere
Myth clashes with the modern day as Stephen finds a genie lamp while rummaging for food in an alley. CLICK FOR MORE INFO



ULIAN (Senility) | Philippines | Pacific Asia Premiere
“Ulian” centers on young Dayang and her Grandmother in their journey of self‐discoveries in unexpected circumstances. CLICK FOR MORE INFO



KATYA | Japan, USA | Guam Premiere
Victor, a Russian taxi driver, picks up Katya, a Russian prostitute, at a New York airport. Victor, who is a former… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



NARCOCORRIDO | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere
Narcocorrido – the drug ballad of a gravely-ill border cop’s reckless heist of a cartel shipment. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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