International Shorts Program B

Admission: $7.50 USD
Venue: STADIUM TBD, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres | Program Length: 100 min.
GIFF GUIDE: Contains Adult Material

SATURDAY, SEP.29 | 1:55pm

ROMANCE | Japan | U.S. Premiere
A nerdy high-school boy is face to face with the “bad” girl in class. He believes his frustration will be resolved if he… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



THE TRAIN | Canada | Pacific Asia Premiere
Starring Pardis Parker  (ABC’s Combat Hospital) and Colin Mochrie (Comedy Central’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Peter learns a valuable… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



VICIOUS CIRCLE | Greece | World Premiere
On an ordinary day, an ordinary guy is on his way to work when three people confuse him with a candidate politician.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO



CABBAGEMINCER | Russia | Pacific Asia Premiere
Cabbagemincer has exquisite taste. He knows a lot about  how to shred the cabbage. In addition, this dark comedy proves… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



REFRESH | Japan | Guam Premiere
How do people relieve the stress that they feel? And when there’s no way to relieve that stress and the frustration… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



DOUBLE OR NOTHING | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere
Clark and Becca leave a bar after a night out with friends. When a homeless man approaches them on the street, Clark gets an idea. Starring Adam Brody (The OC) and Keith David (Armageddon, Requiem for a Dream)… CLICK FOR MORE INFO


SUPERSTAR | Japan, Korea | Guam Premiere
When Toshiko’s dream of meeting her favorite Korean idol comes true, the last thing she wants to do is be late for the fan event… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



EL NIDO VACIO (THE EMPTY NEST) | Spain, Venezuela | Pacific Asia Premiere
Monste, a scatterbrained, well-meaning sex therapist, embarks on a mission… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



THE CHAMPIONS | Singapore | Pacific Asia Premiere
An offbeat comedy about the superstitious Champions family and their relentless attempts to interact with their attractive… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



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