International Shorts Program C

Admission: $7.50 USD
Venue: STADIUM TBD, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres | Program Length: 85 min.
GIFF Guide: Contains adult material

SATURDAY, SEP.29 | 6:05pm

BLOOD TIES | Japan | Guam Premiere
A bus accident forces an emergency room doctor to make an impossible choice; either save the life of a young boy, or his elderly mother – or lose them both. CLICK FOR MORE INFO



LIST | Japan | U.S. Premiere
Kumiko has been missing in India. Her little sister Ayumi goes to Kumiko’s apartment to pack up her things. While there, Ayumi finds… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



LOST WHITE | Japan | U.S. Premiere
Aki, who lives in Tokyo, receives news from her hometown that her grandfather has died. She returns home but is late for the funeral. CLICK FOR MORE INFO



FOREVER IN HIATUS | Vietnam | Pacific Asia Premiere
A washed up pop star lives in exile pedaling a xich lo (bicycle taxi) aimlessly in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City… CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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