International Shorts Program D

Admission: $7.50 USD
Venue: STADIUM TBD, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres | Program Length: 95 min.
GIFF Guide: contains adult material

 SUNDAY, SEP.30 | 10:00am

THE ADVENTURES OF ORANGES | Japan | Pacific Asia Premiere
This student narrative short centers around a conversation between a Maui orange …  CLICK FOR MORE INFO



A short documentary about the history of the U.S. military on Guam and the plans related to the proposed military…  CLICK FOR MORE INFO



BREADFRUIT AND OPEN SPACES | Guam | Pacific Asia Premiere
This film features Pacific Island families who attempt to grow roots on Guam and…  CLICK FOR MORE INFO



IMMIGRANTS AND CIGARETTES | Australia | Guam Premiere
This narrative film features Klint, a jaded old counselor who is forced into retirement from a migrant resource centre after 30 years of hard work. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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