Night Market Hero

Admission: $5.00 USD
Date: Sunday, October 2, 2011
Time: 4:35pm
Venue: STADIUM 5, Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres

NIGHT MARKET HERO | Grand Jury Award Nominee – Best Feature Narrative

Narrative Feature | TAIWAN | 124 min. | U.S. PREMIERE
One of the most anticipated films in Taiwan, NIGHT MARKET HERO is about A-hwa, a dashing union leader, also a simple guy living with his beloved grandma. They are the local night market stallholders at the 888 Market. They sell food and have never wanted much, just a fine day for them to carry on with their market business. But now, even the dream of a humble living has become a luxury since the market is being closed down. Ruthless corporate-backed politicians are conspiring to turn the marketplace into a huge shopping complex. Will they go quietly? Or will they fight to get their lives back? (GIFF Guide: contains adult material)

Director: Yeh Tien-Lun
Producer: Yeh Tan-Ching
Cast:  Lan Zheng-Long, Alice Ko, Hiseh Yu-Chen, Lotus Wang

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