Shorts with Features

The following Short Films will open for Feature Length Films
Click on Film Titles for Showtimes, Ticket Info and Venues


ASH | Singapore | World Premiere | 11:45am
Screens with “GUAM” – ASH depicts the unlikely friendship that develops between a grieving widower… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



PRIVATE SUN | Palestinian Territories | Pacific Asia Premiere | 11:45am
Screens with “GUAM” – Mariam is instructed by her doctor to sunbathe in order to…  CLICK FOR MORE INFO



MAGELLAN DOESN’T LIVE HERE | Guam | Pacific Asia Premiere | 11:55am
Screens with “BACK TO THE SQUARE” – Nearly five hundred years after Europeans… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



THE STUDENT WRESTLER | Japan | U.S. Premiere | 1:40pm
Screens with “BIBA! ONE ISLAND. 879 VOTES.” – a short documentary about the history of the U.S. military on Guam and the plans… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



NOT ONE OF US (different is weird) | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere | 4:00pm
Screens with “DAVE” – a short film about ‘passive bullying’, which can be more… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



123 | Philippines | Pacific Asia Premiere | 7:30pm
Screens with “BOUNDARY” – A dance unites young performers with different life stories. CLICK FOR MORE INFO





Screens with “WITH GREAT POWER: THE STAN LEE STORY” – A collection of five Int’l. animated shorts. CLICK FOR MORE INFO



CAVING IN | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere | 1:45pm
Screens with “REDLEGS” – This SEEKING EMPIRE music video features Guam natives Nikki Aclarro and Alan Kao… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



BREATHE | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere | 1:45pm
Screens with “REDLEGS” – A terminally ill woman deals with the death of her fiance by breathing in air… CLICK FOR MORE INFO



SUPERHERO | USA | Pacific Asia Premiere | 1:45pm
Screens with “REDLEGS” – SUPERHERO follows the story of Margot, a… CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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