“Welcome to the Happy Days” is a Festival Fave!

The film was nothing short of a new festival favorite at GIFF V. “Welcome to the Happy Days” (directed by Gavin Lin and written for the screen by Hermes Lu) won over the critical GIFF audiences on Saturday as the team from Taiwan brought an undeniable energy on screen as well as in person.

From start to finish, the Grand Jury Award nominee for Best Narrative Feature had the festival audiences captivated with its perfect balance of humor and romance. Add onto online pharmacy kamagra jelly that the electric smiles and behind-the-scenes stories of filmmakers Lin and Lu, and the Q&A portion of the showcase was nothing short of lovable. As this was the US premiere of the film, the filmmakers weren’t sure what shape the response of the crowds would take, but it wasn’t long until they realized that they touched the hearts of one of the most diverse audiences in the world and the film proved itself a new festival favorite.

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