Amy Oden (Exotic)

state_amy_oden(Amy Oden is the director of “Exotic”, a nominee for the GIFF Best Made in the Marianas Award.) TICKET INFO

My work centers on social themes, with the goal of uncovering underrepresented perspectives, and teasing out grey areas in contemporary issues. Media often sensationalizes life to attract viewers, and I am interested in de-escalating this process through documentary practice.

With EXOTIC, specifically, I believe fair treatment for sex workers begins with a matter-of-fact discussion of their lives. Seeing sex work as work enables me to connect with women in the industry, focusing on their labor, not their personal lives. I believe in equal pay for women’s work, and the agency of the women I interview.

I believe society advances through empathy, and we begin to understand “the other” when we see ourselves. My work rests on these ideas.

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