Atom Magadia (Dagsin/Gravity)

state_atom_magadia(Atom Magadia is the writer and director of “Dagsin/Gravity”, a GIFF Grand Jury Award Nominee for Best Narrative Feature and Achievement in Acting Award Nominee for the performance of actor Benjamin Alves.) TICKET INFO

The title of the movie, “Dagsin” or “Gravity”, metaphorically alludes to the force that binds us to one another… Love. Unlike other romantic plots that concentrate on how the couple met, fell in love and lived happily ever after, our story concentrates on its aftermath; beyond the “ever after.” “Kalubhaan” can also be an alternate title as it refers to the heaviness we feel when we are suddenly burdened by life. Like the time when a mourning widow is faced with the tragic reality of death, loss and is quietly forced to breathe-in years of unresolved guilt.

On the surface, the story’s plot may seem simple: An old man’s love story that has now ended with the passing of his wife. Yet, we have richly layered the movie with sub-plots (World-War II and Martial Law), characters, symbolisms and metaphors that can be deciphered by those who manage to crack the surface.

I am using the location itself, an old mansion, as a character in the movie. Grand, but now nearly abandoned and falling apart, the house mirrors its owner Justino, who is old, worn-out and nearing his end. Like a ghost, Justino wanders within the shadows of his past in his mausoleum of memories.

Although the movie can be classified in a number of ways: Drama, Romance, Arthouse, etc., I personally categorize it under “Noir,” because “Dagsin” is a crime, suspense drama of sorts, where the perpetrator, the victim and the executioner are one and the same person. A respected and venerated Judge during Martial Law who compromised his integrity in exchange for the safety of his wife, Justino’s conscience now haunts him and insists on passing judgment on his past sins. 

”Dagsin” is one man’s “soliloquy” of desperation for his departed love, his soul and his God.

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