Hagai Adorian (Shell)

state_hagai_adorian(Hagai Adorian is the director of “Shell”, a GIFF Grand Jury Award Nominee for Best Documentary Short.) TICKET INFO

I met Ariel not long after I was released from the army. He came into the medical corp – the unit in which I served while doing my compulsory army service. He immediately connected to everyone there. We were introduced through mutual friends who were still in the IDF. 
During Operation Protective Edge (the Gaza war in 2014) I received an emergency call-up order At the same time,  Ariel was supposed to start vacation marking the end of his service. During the war, in my capacity as a medic close to the front lines, I was witnessed many difficult events that stayed with me long after the war ended. 
Towards the end of the war, while I was just a few miles from the front, a mortar shell fell on [Unit] 53 – a group of friends from my regular army service and Ariel. That mortar hit also killed my good friend and army buddy, Daniel Marsh.

After that terrible time, I returned to my studies in filmmaking and Ariel was discharged healthy on the outside but broken on the inside. He was not able to hold a steady job, didn’t start school nor plan a big post army trip to the Fareast. He bought a car and crisscrossed the country from north to south, driving an endless journey in search of inner peace.

Through this film, I accompanied Ariel trying to understand what causes him to live this way, how he manages to get by and what he was really doing. It was important to me to make sure the cry of hundreds of people like Ariel, who live through war and other difficult experiences, is heard. For so many, no one is helping them or trying to get them into treatment. There are a lot of PTSD sufferers among us. Each one reacts a little differently, but in general, most ordinary people have no idea what hell they have gone through.

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