I’m In Here

Narrative | US | 12 min. | PACIFIC ASIA PREMIERE
(GIFF guide: contains adult content)
When a man finds a family of strangers in his house who claim to have bought the place, he agrees to let them stay until they can get to the bottom of the mix-up. They never leave.

Official Selections
Slamdance Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Independent Film Festival Boston


  • GIFF

    Willy Berliner, Director
    Willy Berliner grew up in Maine. His interest in filmmaking began at the age of eleven when he accidentally rented Repo Man from the local video store. He’s currently completing his MFA in directing at Columbia University School of the Arts.

  • Cast
    Dave Hanson
    Jim Santangeli
    Kathy Searle
    Jillian Lebling

  • Production
    Writer: Willy Berliner
    Cinematographer: Angelos Rompolis
    Producers: Julie O’Leary, Chandra Silver
    Editor: Willy Berliner

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