James Davis (You Deserve Tomorrow)

state_james_davis(James Davis is the director of “You Deserve Tomorrow”, a nominee for the GIFF Best Made in the Marianas Award.) TICKET INFO

A production crew with only two people. I am an Indie Filmmaker with only a grip to help me carry things during production. I do the Camera work, Directing, Producing, DP, Cinematography and Audio. True run-and-gun guerrilla film-making. It is always good to collaborate with other filmmakers out there, the only problem we have is were all busy doing our own thing. Film-making on Guam can get tough but we don’t forget how fun it can be by the end of the day. I am thankful for those who accommodated us as far as location goes and the actors who manage to find time to be one set and making it happen. Besides the love of cars in the automotive world, film is my passion.

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