Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Ph.D (I Sengsong Arkham)

state_michael_lujan_bevacqua(Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Ph.D is the co-director of “I Sengsong Arkham/Arkham Village”.) TICKET INFO

These are dark times for the Chamorro people in terms of their language. Less than 20% of the population in Guåhan speaks the Chamorro language. 90% of all Chamorro speakers are 50 years of age and older. This unfortunately leaves us with only 10 years to truly save the language. In a 4,000-­‐year history of the Chamorro people, we who are alive today in 2017, live in this critical 10-­‐year period where what we do today affects the fate of the language tomorrow. We, in Guagua’ Tiningo’, believe that only by making Chamorro a natural, everyday language can we truly revitalize it. We aim to break the stereotypes that Chamorro is only found in church, in the CNMI, in bingo, or in the South. This is why we create these videos. We aim for a future in which the Chamorro language rolls off the tongues of children once again. We aim for a future in which the Chamorro language has no boundaries. We are giant nerds, so why can’t we be giant nerds in Chamorro? Anggen un lå’la’ gi Fino’ Chamoru, un na’lå’la’ i Fino’ Chamoru!

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