Quinn Wilson (Calvin’s Story)

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I believe film has the potential to better the greater good. When we tell stories that entertain as well as enlighten audiences to socio-political issues or create empathy for characters that are “other”, we heal the world, one video at a time. That is our life’s mission as artist, to bring these stories to life. I see Calvin’s Story central in that mission. This project was made with so much love. The entire crew and those who appeared on camera donated their time. Equipment and locations were donated. It was a labor of collective healing love, that we feel show on screen. The project helped raise $8,000 for Calvin to attend massage therapy school. 

Calvin has been my friend for about two years now, we meet at a church function and he soon starting joining me for a weekly meditation service at a Buddhist temple I attend. We get lunches, play games, and hang out. I enjoy spending time with him because he is so present and able to focus on the now. This film was birthed out of our want to help him set up a sustainable future while educating the wider world on the true face of homelessness. Often we think of the person on the corner with a change cup, and not the kind and hardworking person in line behind us at the grocery store that makes up the vast majority of the American homeless population. I hope this project creates empathy for those struggling with homelessness worldwide and motivates viewers to take transformative action in their community!

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