Rhiannon Bannenberg (Rip Tide)

state_rhiannon_brannenberg2(Rhiannon Bannenberg is the director of “Rip Tide”, a GIFF Grand Jury Award Nominee for Best Narrative Feature and Achievement in Acting Award Nominee for the performance of actor Genevieve Hegney.) TICKET INFO

Iʼm excited for audiences to see Rip Tide. Itʼs a film for the whole family where respectful, intergenerational relationships, creativity and personal growth are at the heart the story. The beautiful coastal landscape of the South East coast of NSW is the perfect setting for an inspiring story that encourages young audiences and young women in particular to be true to themselves and follow their passions.

Growing up on the south coast of New South Wales the ocean and surfing have been a strong influence on my way of life. Rip Tide explores the beauty, power and freedom of a life shaped around the sea – tied in with love, courage and discovery.

Whilst trying to find my own identity in my teen years, recognising my place in a close- knit coastal community opened my eyes to a sustainable, healthy way of life where authenticity of connection to each other and our environment was valued and revered.

Rip Tide brings our audience into a world where the nostalgia for a simpler, deeper knowledge of ourselves and our place int he world is aspirational and heart warming for both young and old. More Info →

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